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About Ballet Ovations, Inc.


Ballet Ovations exists to provide our customers with quality children's ballet/dance products.  Our goal is to make you (and the children you buy for) completely satisfied with your purchases.


About Rochelle


Rochelle was the inspiration for the existence of Ballet Ovations.  She had an extreme desire, even at the age of 2 years old, to be dancing.  She hardly ever walked, she mostly danced.  Not only did she always dance, she was also choreographing her dances.  At the age of 8 years old, she was chosen to dance her self-choreographed solo to the music of Carmen with the Phoenix Symphony.  Her solo was 8 minutes long and she performed it at four different concerts.  [You can read about it here.]

When Rochelle was 9 years old
we realized that her natural creativity could be taught to other children.  Our desire was for children to learn that ballet is much more than just knowing the basic steps and positions.  Ballet is also about knowing how to feel the music, showing emotions and most of all having FUN!!!  Children love to watch children, and they especially love to dance along with Rochelle using their imagination and creativity.  Children from all over the nation are enjoying her DVDs, along with numerous ballet teachers that utilize her videos in their classrooms.


Rochelle also performs with a pre-professional ballet company, Ballet Etudes.  Some of her previous roles in Nutcracker have been Gingerette, Party Girl, Bon-Bon, Lady in Waiting, Garland Dancer, Snowflake, Doll and Spanish.  Rochelle has performed in Cinderella as Sprite, the Bird and as a Ballroom and Wedding Guest.  In Peter Pan, her performances have included Lost Boy and an Indian Maiden.  She also danced in Allegretto with the Metropolitan Youth Symphony, as a Comet in Orchestral Star Wars with the Phoenix Symphony, and Farandole in Celebration of Dance.

In 2008, Rochelle attended Anaheim Ballet's summer intensive program and will be attending Houston Ballet's six week program in 2009.

Besides her passion for dance, Rochelle also loves to play the piano and go to Disneyland.  Her favorite color is lime green.  She hopes to someday have her own ballet studio where she can pass on her love for ballet to other young dancers.


Rochelle's DVDs have been hailed by numerous publications (such as Arizona Republic, Glendale Today, Peoria Today, Glendale Star, Northwest Valley News, Raising Arizona Kids, Arizona Parenting, and the Old Schoolhouse Magazine.

[You can read one article here.]  She has also been interviewed on Good Morning Arizona, Upfront News and Cox Cable Network television news shows.



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