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Vicki B. - Parent

"My three year old can dance with Rochelle for an hour straight!  She absolutely loves this DVD.  I appreciate that it tries to encourage creativity in children and is presented in a fun and simple manner.

The DVD basically shows a young ballerina, Rochelle, dancing a variety of presentations.  She is amazing and a pleasure to watch.  Before each dance, there is an intro where Rochelle talks about what you can do with dance: express emotion, tell a story, etc.  It is about having fun with ballet and using your imagination to come up with themes for a dance.


Tona Stough - Parent

"Rochelle shares with us how she likes to spend her free time and invites us into her imagination as she interprets the way each classical music selection makes her think, feel and even dream about life.  This video is fresh and simple, yet colorfully creative and imaginative, intellectual and even humorous - and it captivated our whole family!  A perfect downtime video with the right amount of playfulness, combining elements of both theatre and dance with a sweet uninhibited, original quality, that left my 6 children, (both boys and girls) inspired to find their own dramatic music and props for hours of more creativity together in their own living room!"


Diane Z. - VP of Comm. Relations, Family Care Agency

"I purchased the Creating Ballet Fun DVD for my young daughter because she loves to dance.  I wasn't sure what to expect.  We were blown away!  We watch it all the time.  My daughter and I LOVE it!  Rochelle is so engaging with her audience.  Children are absolutely drawn to her sweet voice and beautiful choreography!  Rochelle's talent is extraordinary!  We look forward to seeing more great things from Rochelle!"


Leonila Tellez - Teacher

"Great video, it is going to be very useful for my school."


Pam T. - Parent

“Rochelle’s DVDs are just priceless!  The whole concept is explained from the viewpoint and interest of a younger person.  It would make an excellent gift if you’re looking for something special for someone special.”


Granny Janette

"Very charming video - great ballet FUN!  Please do more teaching and fun videos with this delightful dancer."


Rudy - Foster Care Specialist

"I didn't really want to watch the DVD because I don't like ballet, but I figured I would at least watch a couple minutes of it just out of curiosity.  However, once it started playing I couldn't quit watching.  The whole thing was GREAT!"


Kayrene - Grandparent

"Adorable DVD!  My granddaughter will love it!"


Jacqueline - Parent

"I love your DVD.  Rochelle is just darling and totally engaged our 7 year old ballerina who has been dancing for 5 years already.  Rochelle is captivating and such fun to watch!"







Dena Wood  -  The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

"In 'Creating Ballet Fun', talented ballerina, Rochelle Marks, introduces young children to the world of dance. Young Rochelle is a homeschooler who began dancing at two and, at the age of eight, was chosen to dance her own choreography in an eight minute solo with the Phoenix symphony. Rochelle desires to share her passion for dance and share the art and joy of ballet with other children.

'Creating Ballet Fun' is ideal for young children, ages 3-9. It is not an instructional or how-to video, but rather a pleasant introduction into the world of music and dance. Rochelle encourages children to use their imaginations as they watch her dance in various costumes to varying music styles.

Rochelle discusses emotions and then asks viewers to guess which emotion is being portrayed as she dances out happy, sad, mad, afraid and love. She even shows how ballet can be funny by dancing as a doll.

Mime is introduced as 'talking without words' as Rochelle teaches her viewers some mimes they can imitate. Rochelle ends by reading the viewers a story that is then acted out in dance.

'Creating Ballet Fun' is a wonderful introduction in helping children to understand the nuances of ballet, to realize that there is story and emotion, rather than simply dance steps. The video is geared toward younger children, but my five year old son enjoyed it immensely, so I would not limit it to girls only. I can see "Creating Ballet Fun" used successfully as an introduction to Classical music as well, as it teaches children how to look for and understand emotions and themes in music as well as use their imaginations."


Amy O'Quinn  -  The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

"If you have a little one who enjoys ballet, or just likes to pretend to be a ballerina, then this DVD is for you! Creating Ballet Fun with Rochelle by Ballet Ovations, Inc. is a delightful resource starring a charming and accomplished young ballerina who shares her love of storytelling and dance in a most creative way. Rochelle began dancing at the age of two, and recently at the age of nine she was accepted into Ballet Etudes, a pre-professional ballet company in Mesa, Arizona. Her sunny personality and love of dance definitely shine through!

In this 35-minute video, Rochelle demonstrates how exciting it can be to create "ballet fun." Different segments include showing feelings with music, making use of mime, and telling stories through dance. The costumes, presentation, and videography are extremely well done. My 6-year-old daughter loved this DVD--especially the "princess dance." She has since begged me to turn our living room into a dance set--just like Rochelle's! I must admit that I really enjoyed this enchanting video too. My favorite segment was the amusing "doll dance."

This video does not teach dance steps, nor does it address theory or method. Instead it is designed to encourage children to express themselves through the joy of ballet and the world of storytelling and make-believe. As stated on the back cover of the DVD case, "Rochelle shows how ballet is a magical world of whatever you want it to be."

If you would like to encourage your child to have fun, be creative, and explore the world of ballet, then this video would make a wonderful and inspirational addition to your collection."






"Rochelle has created a charming and imaginative video for all children with a desire to dance."

  Christina Hampton

Former principal dancer with the

Minnesota Ballet and Ballet Florida


"Through Rochelle's passion for ballet she not only inspires children to express themselves through what they love, but also reminds adults of how powerful that child-like passion can be."

Justin Moore

Former dancer with the Milwaukee Ballet


"Children will easily be enchanted by Rochelle's love of dance and her desire to share the joy of ballet as well as the delight of make believe."

Rosemary Beyer

Children's Director - Royal Dance Works


"Creating Ballet Fun" is a great way to introduce children to the wonderful world of ballet.  While teaching young dancers this art, "Creating Ballet Fun" is showing how imaginative and creative ballet can be.  A must buy!"

Niki Maple

Trainee with Milwaukee Ballet II







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