December 2006


Dancing Queen


Phoenix resident Rochelle Marks launched her second ballet DVD this month, geared towards younger children with a passion for dance.  She decided to make her own DVDs because those already on the market were boring and didn't captivate children's passion for dance.  Rochelle would probably know best, since she is only 10 years old and is considered to be a ballet prodigy living right here in the Valley.  At age two, she began choreographing her own dances for homeschooling and church groups.  Her passion for ballet was spurred when she was chosen at age eight to dance her own choreographed ballet for the Phoenix Symphony.  Her two DVDs, Creating Ballet Fun and Creating Ballet Dreams teach children the basics of ballet, but more importantly enforce what Rochelle believes to be true ballet is a magical world to get lost in and if you can dream it, you can dance it.  To purchase Rochelle's DVDs or for more information, call 602-789-1100 or visit